Hey friends!
Put your hands in the air if you're ready to
Transform Your Biz
If that's you... I will personally work with you one-on-one in your business to help you create wealth in your business with power and alignment.
" This is your life and your business. You have the right to run the show exactly as you please and to create abundant wealth doing what you love."
Kelley Rowland
Ok Boo if those hands are in the air there are
5 things you NEED to know
  •   You CAN make consistent money and get consistent clients without the stress and roller coaster ride that you might be on right now.
  • ​Strategy can be sexy, even sexier when it frees up your time and takes away a huge slice of overwhelm.
  • ​You don't have to do things the way that everyone else does them. Actually I sure hope you don't. You should do YOU!
  • ​It's your job to know how you help your clients, what your clients need, and make them AWARE that they need your help. (your marketing ;))
  • ​Your mindset is PARAMOUNT, aka is the most important thing. To be at the top you are going to have to believe you belong there. Oh sister, you do.
So flipping excited to introduce
Overhaul Your Biz Bootcamp
An eight week live group program created to teach you EXACTLY what you need to do to TRANSFORM your business in order to grow and scale and create sustainability. 

If I am speaking your language then girlfriend this program is for you. In this bootcamp you will get a ton of 1:1 support from me, 4 insanely impactful lessons, daily accountability, and high vibes from the group that will have you making more progress than you ever thought possible. (oh and a crazy amount of bonuses)

During our time together we will take an intensive dive into your business and create an aligned backbone for you to build off of that will leave you more confident than ever. We will establish systems and processes that produce actual income AND figure out your X-FACTOR. I promise you have one. 

I believe having a successful business should be fun and exciting and I want to show you how you can have momumental success and have a blast while doing it. 
Hey, I'm Kelley
I help women, just like you, overhaul their business to create wealth with power and in alignment. 

This is my mission because over a year and a half ago I was sitting at my desk and couldn't shake the feeling that I was put on this earth to do something more.

Fast forward to 2020. I started a podcast that has gotten almost 20k downloads, started a coaching biz and made 5 figures in 9 months while working full time and raising two rug rats, and had the blessing of being featured in a magazine. 

Here is the important part. You can do it too, and I can teach you the way. I can help you fast-track your success and help you create systems that have you falling in love with your biz all over again.

Let's overhaul your biz!!
    First, We'll Get
    On The Phone
    And go over what you've already got...
       What is your current business model?
       Is your biz aligned with what lights you up?
       What's your ideal clients values and struggles?
       Do you have systems and processes in place?
       Are you using your genius for your x-factor?
    After our first call you will have a plan to help you
    Create abundant wealth in an online space to create location freedom...
    Attract clients that are aligned with ease and ditch the stuff you hate...
    Create that X-factor to transform your biz and take it to the next level...
    Let's take a closer look
    In this 8 week live group coaching program you get...
    • 60 minute intensive call to plan out the next 8 weeks (mentioned above!)
    • ​30 minute check-in call halfway through the program to make adjustments and hash it all out
    • ​30 minute exit call to make sure you are feeling AMAZING to tackle the next steps in your biz
    • An interactive Facebook group where I will post accountability threads AND where you can post questions for me and the group. I will be in here DAILY!
    • 4 bi-weekly lessons to make sure you are on the right track and have direction. In these lessons I will cover
    • ​Creating your perfect offer by getting in alignment with what lights YOU up and what your people NEED
    • ​How to streamline your biz and bring in customers regularly without the stress of riding the customer and client rollercoaster (this is advanced stuff ya'll)
    • ​How to identify your superpower and create that x-factor for your business
    • ​How to make sure your mindset is super freaking tight because this my friends is more important than ANYTHING
    • ​I'll pop in the group and go live and post randomly to make sure you guys stay inspired and engaged
    Don't just take it from me! Here are what past clients are saying.
    “For 6 years I sat at a desk completely dissatisfied where I was in my career. I wanted out so bad, but was lost. I decided to hire Kelley. She made me realize the only person holding me back was myself. We have been working together for a little over 2 months and my life looks so different. I quit my job and started working toward a career I am passionate about, and now I have my own re-selling business and giving people what they need I highly recommend Kelley!"
    I've taken several of Kelley's courses, and I can say for certain, there are days I don't recognize myself, my thoughts, my actions or my reactions. But in a good way. I have come through her courses much more self confident, stronger in my mindset and in knowing I'm capable of so much more, being less concerned and less fearful in the opinions of others, and more blessed and alive knowing I'm living my life, on my terms, for myself, the way I want. 
    When I heard about your bootcamp, I was really struggling with the progress of my business.  I struggled with confidence, strategy and insecurity. Your knowledge, support, and coaching reached me at the exact time I needed it. I learned that it was ok to be me. You gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone which ultimately affected my business in a positive way.  I have all of the tools that I need to continue my journey to a better business and life. I am truly grateful to you for that.
    Yes, there is actually MORE!!!
    Stand out sales
    This sales course will take your branding, marketing, and launch plan to the next level. 
    ($197 value).
    Brazen & Brave
    This 30 day audio course will empower you to be brave and stop worrying about what people think. ($77 value)
    Podcasting a-Z
    Ever consider launching a podcast? It could be your x-factor boo! I lay out eerything you need to know! ($47 value)
    Get instant access
    to these AMAZING bonuses when you join. (yes I'm crazy!!!)

    So....Is this for you? 

    Alright, I know what you are thinking....This bootcamp sounds AMAZING, but is it for me? Will it help me? Can I do this?

    If you are on this page then I bet this program is for you and the answer to the next two questions are YES, YES, YES! 

    Here's the deal. I created this bootcamp with YOU in mind. I know exactly what it takes to be successful in the online space. 

    It takes getting ridiculoulsy clear on HOW you help people and WHO exactly you help. It takes understanding how  to use your superpower do it. It takes boldness to put yourself out there and a sound strategy that you can sustain. 

    It takes accountability and having someone help you see your blind spots and push you past all that garbage that might be holding you back.

    It takes commitment to your dream. I'm commited to helping you accomplish it. If you commit to yourself and decide to commit to this program there is no telling what you can do.
    This is where you commit to yourself and your business.
    Let's Transform Your Biz! 
    Kelley Rowland | Copyright ©2020 | All Rights Reserved
    Still have questions? No worries! Shoot me an email @


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